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Official Labs

[FSNSL] Forest Service National Seed Lab
[IDAHO] Idaho State Seed Lab
[MCIA] Minnesota Crop Improvement
[MBPI] Mississippi Bureau of Plant Industry
[MSSL] Montana State Seed Lab
[NYSTL] New York State Seed Lab
[WSAL] Wyoming Seed Analysis Lab
[WSDA] Wash. State Dept of Agriculture

Growers Associations

[MCIA] Minnesota Crop Improvement
[MSGA] Montana Seed Growers Association
[WSCIA] Wash. State Crop Improvemen


Private and Independent Labs

[A1 Seed Testing] Idaho
[Allgro Seed Services] Demo
[MD Seed Analysis] California
[Nelson Seed Testing] Minnesota
[Ransom Seed Lab] California
[SeedX seed lab] California
[Sterling Seed Testing] Oklahoma

For pictures, descriptions and legal information about seeds, we recommend the Seed Images database at Colorado State University.
Version: 08/17/2017